A New Perspective on Creating Sound Horses

The perspective from which we look will determine what we see.


Is there one correct way to view the horse?   No, but there are some ways to look at the horse that will give a more realistic picture of its strengths and weaknesses.  It is from these observations that we draw our conclusion. Therefore, the more perspectives from which we’re able to look, the fuller and more accurate our conclusions will be.


Farrier, veterinarian, body worker, trainer, owner --we have all developed a particular way of looking at the horse and our relationship to it.  It is based on our experience, our studies and our beliefs.  Because we are all individuals, we all have had different experiences, which means we will each view the horse differently and assess differently.


My search for the best approach has led me to study more and varied aspects of the horse.  What a fascinating creature.  The more I observe, the more I am aware of the horse as a whole being


I have found that a  poorly conformed foot can be brought to a strong healthy state.  However, there is a reason that the foot moved to the unhealthy state. If the underlying causes are not addressed, the foot will revert. The foot is dramatically affected by the posture and carriage of the body above it, and the body is affected by the position and condition of the foot.


To help the horse, we all need to step back from our old habits of looking and be willing to see the broader picture.